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Warfare 1944 is the second game in the Warfare series, and is developed by Con Artist Games and published by Armor Games. It is a strategy game made in Adobe Flash, and is a sequel to Warfare 1917. It was released on June 30, 2009. The game is set during Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy, during the Second World War. The player can choose to play as either the invading US Forces or the defending Wehrmacht.


The basics of Warfare 1944's gameplay are similar to Warfare 1917, but with new additions.


There are now three ways to win, Morale, Objective (campaign only) and Conquer. For a Morale victory, the player must deplete the morale of the enemy army, through flanking and causing casualties. For an Objective victory, if the player completes a given objective, e.g. holding a position, the player wins. For a Conquer victory, the player must bring a unit to the enemy's end of the central corridor of the map.

Units and Abilities[]

While the reinforcement timer is retained from the previous game, they now only apply to individual unit types, and all units and abilities now cost resources to deploy and use. The game also adds 2 new units, the Bazooka Team and Mortar, and all previous units have received changes. Upgrades are still available in the campaign.

New Map Layouts[]

The map is now divided into three sections, with the upper and lower sections being flanks. Units can be deployed on any of these three sections, and can only attack units in adjacent sections. Trenches, mines, and barbed wire have been replaced by Cover, which can be anything from a wooden fence to a hedgerow. Each piece of Cover can only be used by one unit.


According to E4, "It's a very polished game and while it looks quite complicated to start with, it is easy to get stuck into." Mark Bozon of IGN said that the game is a "fun strategy game with plenty of depth." The game received a 4.44/5 at Newgrounds.


In a discussion about The Last Stand: Dead Zone, ConArtist revealed that he has plans to make another Warfare game "like Dead Zone, it'll be bigger and badder in every way" when someone commented on wanting a third Warfare game before a fourth The Last Stand game.[1]