Support Assets in every game gives the advantages to the player by either directly damaging enemy units, giving friendly unit boosts, or giving enemy unit de-buffs.

Warfare 1917 Edit

Warfare 1944 Edit

Warfare OnlineEdit

Types of support assets Edit

There are 5 main types of Support assets:

Command : These assets usually give boosts to friendly units, for example Long Shot which increases friendly troops range and Charge which gives damage reduction out of cover.

Network : These assets can either give friendly boosts or enemy de-buffs. Examples include Attack Sights which disable the main weapon of an enemy vehicle and UAV which increases friendly troops damage. Some assets like Fire Support Scramble replace all current held support assets to random fire supports. Depending on what scramble card type, they will give the players that type related cards.

Logistics : These assets do many different things. some like Negotiation and Logistical Demand, gives Supply to the player. Still others such as Rapid Infantry Response allows the player to immediately deploy an infantry unit.

Fire Support : These assets deal direct damage to enemy units and outpost. A few exceptions include Smoke Mortar which fire smoke to decrease target accuracy, and anti-material sniper which stops a light vehicle. Some fire support assets can take a long time to be deployed but deal high damage, for example the Bulava and Liner missiles.

Support Unit : These assets deploy extra units onto the battlefield. Examples include Assault Team and LAV support which deploys Assault unit and LAV respectively. Some cards also has a buff along with the extra deploy unit.

Sub-types: Edit

Countermeasures: These cards can be of any type and are reactive. When deployed, the enemy will not see the card itself but that a countermeasure is deployed. Examples include HELM-D which stops an enemy fire support, Network Security which stops an enemy Network asset, and Counter Sniper which deploys a sniper team when the enemy does so.