The german officer is an unit found in the warfare series, he is an advanced infantry unit, with command skills

Warfare 1917 Edit

German Officer
Wiki ger officer detail
Appears in Warfare 1917
Rank Leutnant +
Army Imperial German Army
Nationality German
Weapon Luger P08
Timeline World War 1

The German Officer in Warfare 1917 differ from regular troops by a gray and red cap, low webgear, only using a pistol and red details in the uniform. He has an area of effect, that help the soldiers in it, when he dies, the troops less morale because they lost the commander. There is a Iron Cross to indicate officers.Their position is indicated by an Iron Cross upside his head

In the campaign, they can be upgraded with:

  • Trench Armor, which increases defense.
  • Entrench, which increases defense while entrenched.
  • Reinforcements, which speeds up reinforcement.
  • Rapid Deployment, which speeds up reinforcement even further.
  • Great Leader, which increases the damage bonus provided.
German Officer menu icon

German officer icon on menu deployment

Warfare 1944 Edit